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Automation of the business process of recovering problem loans



Data encryption

We provide the highest cryptographic security when working with cloud services. The system combines the principle of "transparent encryption", the meaning of which is that the data is encrypted in real time, while not being a separate operation.

How does Collect CRM work


For beginners

The working area of the system is not overloaded with unnecessary elements and grouped into logical blocks.
All information and controls are understandable
even to a beginner and do not require special training.
All reference information about the system, its functions and configuration is stored in a separate section, which is constantly updated and simplified.


In case of any questions or problems with the performance of the system, our support service is ready to provide advice and operational assistance within an hour. We offer a choice of consultation by phone or online-messengers, in case of more serious problems associated with equipment failure, experts are ready to solve the problem
on the spot.

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